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Not your typical question, but it's worth a shot

Hey everybody, this probably isn't your typical post. I'm a 24 year old guy and I am very, very curious about makeup, being girly, and all of that. I'd love to be able to pull off a feminine look (in a "you look like a girl" way, not a "you look like a drag queen" way). I guess the place to start would be with the head. Any tips for a beginner with makeup, or other facial stuff I can do for a more feminine look, or just in general?
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Hmm, well a good place to start would be beard cover, I guess, and making sure that your foundation covers any shadow, whilst still looking natural and not excessively caked on. Use a good foundation, such as Mehron's excellent "Celebre", which you can get from theatrical supply shops.

Further than that, I'm no real expert - but there are books on theatrical and media make-up you can get which cover male-to-female gender change make-up, where the aim is to make someone look natural rather than like a drag queen...
if you can find any books by kevin aucoin, read them, if not buy them. he has tons of makeup techniques that apply to both sexes. personally, i think for a girly look, make sure you're shaven baby-butt-smooth, wear a sheer foundation that matches your skin, maybe a little blush, some sheer (uncolored or VERY light) lipgloss, mascara, and line your inner eyes. it will give a "natural" but feminine look. i saw a guy who used to work at MAC who usually wore his makeup like this and he was absolutely stunning.
if you're going for a really subtly feminine look: regular lotion-ing and lip balm could work. i think aveeno's lotions work pretty well. because it's so dry here in winter i use it now everyday. :D don't be afraid, experiment! eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara! it's definitely hot for guys to wear make up, just look at gerard way from my chemical romance! ;D
Guys in eyeliner are HOT. I am not sure what you look like so I couldn't tell you what colors would be best to create a look that is right for you. ^_^