girlydoll (girlydoll) wrote in funmakeup,

Kinda big

I do not know what to think about these, they looked much better in person, and my blending job was awesome IMO, but the camera really picked up the yellow and not the brow bone colour,, so I do not know. So these are for you who feel like looking. Let me know what you think, thanks!

and where the flash really picked up the yellow.

another look,

don't pay attention to my eye brows,, they need to be cleaned up.
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Nice pics. I don't really like the first bunch of pics as you have a very delicate and feminine face and such extreme makeup doesn't look like it belongs on your petite face. The last bunch of pics with the pink makeup are gorgeous, however. More toned down, yet still pretty and feminine. The very last picture is quite nice, and I think that would look like with some black eyeliner on. You're beautiful.
woah those are hot
I like the pictures. What kinds of eyeshadow did you use as well as the eyeliner? How did you do the first look?
your eyelashes need work


May 26 2006, 22:48:50 UTC 11 years ago

Your kidding right? Your negative posting a post that is two years old? Besides, at the time that was the in style, but thank you for your out of date input.
it doesnt matter how long ago it was. tarantula lashes were never in. not two years ago not twenty years ago. shit is gross!
and learn how to blend. this year